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book7 lesson 17


Decision making is about making choices. It is an essential skill for career success. If you learn to make timely and well-considered decisions, it well surely contribute to your success in both your personal life and in business.

From early on in life we have to deal with choices, and sometimes this is not an early task. We are always surrounded by options, and making correct decisions is sometimes very hard.

Good leadless usually have very well-developed decision making skills and frequently make the right choices. Some tools can be used to help people make decisions on a rational basis. These tools can also help a person form a balanced picture of the risks and advantages associated with different options.

Drawings, diagrams and lists are frequently used tools, and many people find that they think better when using them.

Different people think differently. Some look at things from a very rational viewpoint, while others view things from a more emotional viewpoint. Success comes from using both reason and emotion wisely.

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  1. No segundo paragrafo, na segunda linha
    ...this is not an early task.

    Na verdade não é early e sim easy.
    Porque quer dizer que isso não é tarefa fácil.

  2. Terceiro parágrafo, primeira frase:

    Good Leadless..

    No lugar de leadless, se encaixa mais leaders (bons líderes)

    A frase fica mais coerente.

  3. alguem respondeu a questao 4??
    minha professora mandou responde exatamente oq ta no texto, mas nao tem nada nele sobre a questao 4.
    se alguem poder me ajudar.

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