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no orkut

gente entra lá na comu

se precisar de alguma resposta é só pedir lá

wizard book 5 lesson 20

are you good at telling jokes? what is one of your favorite jokes?

wizard book 5 lesson 19


most people nowadays are interested in keeping in shape. men and women of all ages seem to care about appearance, beauty and weight control. this includes eating well, getting enough sleep, and increased fitness. physical fitness is important to maintaining a health lifestyle. people are finding physical activities that they enjoy and incorporating them into their everyday lifestyles. cardiovascular activities are important to help maintain a healthy heart. these include any activities that increase the heart rete. some people pley team sports to keep fit. other people enjoy walking, running or swimming. in order to keep fit, it is important to have a balanced diet, control your calorie intake and exercise. here is one more suggestion: drink a lot of water.

wizard book 5 lesson 18

do you have any good suggestions for removing spots from clothes? what are they ?.

wizard book 5 lesson 17

Au pair

the term ' au pair' is french for 'equal to ' or 'on par'. this describes the relationship that an au pair has while living with a host family in a foreign country. an au pair is usually a young female. she will live as a 'member' of the family and care for children, do some housework and most importantly, learn about the foreign culture. the au pair will receive a set pay, discussed between the family and the au pair. the family will take care of room and board for the au pair, most often in their own home. some of the au pair's responsibilities include: waking children, preparing meals, washing dishes, taking children to school, assisting with children's homework, and other light chores. the au pair usually stays with the family for one year.

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wizard book 5 lesson 16

if you were a movie producer developing a fantasy movie, what or who would the imaginary characters be?

wizard book 5 lesson 15


boston is the home to harvard university, one of the most important educational institutions in the world. harvard has been considered by many as one of the best colleges in the world. they have 12 distinct schools at harvard and have a word leading faculty. besides harvard university, boston is full of surprises. visitors can try a delicious clam chowder, go to many theaters and see several museums. boston has a rich heritage, a lot of red-brinck buildings and the famous red sox baseball team . when visiting boston be sure to be familiar with the ride of paul revere and be prepared to experience the historic neighborhoods on the freedom trail. ladies will love to shop the famous stores on newbury street. all these attractions make boston a very nice place to visit in america.

wizard book 5 lesson 14

if you could choose only one movie produced up to now, to be shown to future generations, which one would it be, and what is it about? why would you choose this movie?

wizard book 5 lesson 13


the internet is a very useful tool for business,
communication, entertainment, news, and much more. as technology becomes less expensive more and more people are gaining access to this useful tool. the world's largest businesses rely upon the internet for advertising, sales and communication. the internet has increased the research capabilities of scientist, students, businesses and the puplic in general. the internet has done this by offering powerful search engines that instantly place information at the fingertips of internet users. on the other hand, internet can be used for bad purposes. many crimes occur through the internet. however, as technology improves, the internet will become a safer and more secure environment.

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wizard book 5 lesson 12

you are at a clothing store to buy a new outfit. you are trying on some clothes in the fitting room and a child looks under the curtain all the time and sometimes pulls the curtain back. what would you do in this situation?

wizard book 5 lesson 11

black friday

the day after thanksgiving in the unites states is commonly known as black friday. this day is historically considered the busiest day of shopping in the year. it is also considered by many as the beginning of the holiday season. on this day it is common for people to wake up early or even sleep at the door of popular stores awaiting their apening. as the doors open customers run to grab items on sale with discounts of up to 80% off. often some individuals will choose an item and claim it as their own, only to have someone later remove it from their shopping cart and claim it as theirs. on this day there is tension in the air and a great deal of competition to get items at the absolute lowest price. the origin of the name black friday is unclear. some have ventured to say it is due to the excess of stress that day. if you happen to be in the united states during the last week of november,you may experience the excitement and joy of getting up early, going to your favorite store and purchasing items at a very low price. forget the tension and stress though.

wizard book 5 lesson 10


wizard book 5 lesson 9

the capital of the state of utah is salt lake city. utah is known for its beautiful mountains and great ski resorts.each year many celebrities visit utah in search of fun and recreation. to the south of salt lake city there is a city clles provo, home of brighand young university. BYU, as it is called, has over 36,000 students from over 100 different countries. BYU is famous for its business and management programs, known as one of the top MBA programs in the nation. BYU is the largest private university in the united states. it belongs to the church of jesus christ or latter-day saints. the church funds the schools' many academic and athletic programs. the tuition for BYU in comparison to other top renked schools is very affordable. BYU's motto is "enter to learn, go forth to serve."

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wizard book 5 lesson 8

what do you understand by the following thought? what's your opinion about it ? lead, follow, or get out of the way.

wizard book 5 lesson 7

toefl is a specialized examination that tests the knowledge of english as a second language. this is a reuired exam to be admitted into foreign universities. there are several ways in which students can prepare for the exam, such as specialized courses, books cd's, study groups and grammar books. universities have set this requirement because students must prove their proficiency in the english language before entering the institution. as students prepare for the toefl exam they qualify for the demands and challenges they will face once they are admitted to an international university.

wizard book 5 lesson 6

You were in a refined hotel. You are late for your flight. While checking out the bellboy takes your suitcases to a van that will drive you to the airport. When you get to the airport you find out that your laptop computer is not in the trunk with your luggage. What would you do?

wizard book 5 lesson 5

study abroad

study abroad is an excellent way to gain experience, learn a new cultura and practice a foreign language. large companies are always seeking candidates that have international exparience. students that participate in a study abroad program are usually more communicative, independent and are better prepared to face challenges. these are all characteristics that an employer consider when hiring a new emplyee. many study abroad programs combine formal instruction in a classroom with traveling and visits to businesses, museum and other historical places.

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wizard book 5 lesson 4

you invited some friends to have dinner with you at a restaurant. the meal was wonderful. however, when you receive the bill it is more than you expected and you do not have enough money to pay for the meal. what would you do ?

wizard book 5 lesson 3

MBA stands for masters in business administration. many professionals seek to improve their education by getting an MBA. there are many different MBA programs offered by schools all over the world. an average MBA course consists of a group of core classes including: finance, brand management, accounting and entrepreneurship. a typical MBA course has a one to two year duration depending upon the program and the emphasis of the student. some programs require internships and others do not. what they all have in common is that they all provide an opportunity to combine your education with real job experience.

wizard book 5 lesson 2

if you had the chance to be born again, when and where would you like to be born? why?

wizard book 5 lesson 1

English as a second language

learning english as a second language is extremely beneficial to your future. english is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. it is very important for students and business people to learn and implement english in their personal and professional lives. there are many ways to learn english. some people prefer to take classes at a school af their choice. others choose to study in a foreign country where english is the first language. many universities in the united states now offer english courses for foreigners. speaking english opens many opportunities in the development of a career. many businesses deal on an international level,and english is the preferred language used by executives. whether you are doing business with the chinese, russians or africans, english will be the common language for contracts, communication and meetings.