quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

book 4 lesson 25

look at the stars

once there was a girl who married a young man. her husband worked for the government. after they married he had to work for two years on an indian reservation. she went with her husband, but she didn't like the place where they lived. she didn't like the weather. she didn't like the food. she didn't like the people.
one day she decided to write to her mother. she explained that she missed hamo, she missed her friends, she missed her comfort. her mom wrote her back and said: "my daughter you have two options during these two years in the indian resernation. you can look at the mud or you can look at the stars.
the choice is yours."
inspired with her mother's words she decided to learn the indians native language, culture and customs. she developed a feeling of love, respect and appreciation for the people. thanks to her mother's honest answer, she enjoyed her time with her husband in this new place.

book 4 lesson 24

1. you wake up in the middle of the night because of a very loud noise. you look outside and see a car crash at your gate. what would you do ?

2. it's summer in utah. you are going to spend three weeks on a backpacking trip in the rocky mountains. you have to take all the supplies you will probably need, because you won't be near any stores during this time. what would you take with you and why?

book 4 lesson 23

body and mind

after you reach a certain age, do you stop eating? if you are forty years old, do you still have to eat? of course you do. you have to eat every day of your life to be healthy. your body needs nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

the same way your body can't go without food, your mind also needs to receive knowledge to be healthy. you're never too ald to learn. the best way to receive knowledge is by reading.

you can know what's happening in your world if you stop and read the newapaper for a few minutes each day. you don't have to read every word or every line in the newspaper to know what's in it. select topics that are more interesting to you.

if you know how to read but don't read, you have no advantage over an individual who doesn't know how to read.

book 4 lesson 21


reputation is the opinion people have about you, based on the choices you have made. when those choices are morally correct, it will be said of you that you are a person of integrity.

you can't buy integrity with money.
you can't buy honesty with money.
you can't buy a reputatin with money.

you don't gain a good reputation instantly. you get it day by day, month by month, and year by year. you get it decision by decision - individual choices you have made about your attitudes and actions.

if you want to be a person of integrity, follow these three rules: keep your word, show respect toward others, live by a high moral standard.

finally, you will never get a reputation with what you intend to do, only with what you have already done.

book 4 lesson 20

1. you are the supervisor at a factory. the employees in your department wan to go on strike for better salaries. your boss doesn't want to raise their salaries and said that he would fire whoever went on strike. what would you do ?

2. if you could visit three places in the world, where would you go and why?

book 4 lesson 19


an individual entered his supervisor's room and asked what he needed to do to get a promotion in the company. his supervisor said that there was going to be a meeting in the company. then he asked this individual to go to the store and see if they had pineapples for the meeting. the individual left the room and after sometime he returned and said they didn't have any pineapples.

then his supervisor asked what fruit they had. he answered:

"i am sorry sir, but i didn't ask that"

in the meantime another employee entered the room.
the supervisor asked him the same thing.
after a little while he returned with the answer:
"they have no pineapples in the store, but there are aranges, apples, bananas, pears and watermelons. i checked the price for each fruit. i asked a discount for a large volume. here is the phone number of the store. we can order the fruit over the phone and they will deliver them here in the company for us."
who do you think got the promotion ?