segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

book 4 review 5

1. what makes you angry?
2. tell me something you can do easily.
3. what's something that is difficult for you to do?
4. can you remenber an unusual gift you have received?
5. what sports are dangerous?

book 4 review 4

1. how much time do you spend on the internet?
2. do you have a pet at home?
3. can you remember an unusual gift you have received?
4. what do you usually order when you go to a restaurant?
5. what is your favorite sporting activity?
6. what sports are dangerous?
7. how often do you exercise?
8. when do you prefer to exercise?
9. do you like to fish?
10. which of the seasons do you like best?

book 4 lesson 29

father and mother

do you know the ten commandments?
one of the commandments is, "honor your father and your mother."
god knew that some children would naturally love, obey and care for their parents. god knew also that some children would need to be reminded.
honoring your parents doesn't mean to do every thing they ask you without a reason. it means to respect their values. it means to be available to them. it means to love them for everything they have given you.
your parents gave you life. they worked hard to give you what you have today. they helped you become the person you are today. they loved you first. now it's your turn to love them. you will never be sorry for the love you give your parents.

book 4 lesson 28

1. you're traveling by ship and you're very excited because there will be a party on board. when you open your suitcase you notice you brought your daughter's clothes instead of yours. what would you do ?

2. a box of items representing our current development on earth is being prepared to go on a space mission to other planets. what five items would you choose to put in this box, and why?

book 4 lesson 27


punctuality is one characteristic of successful people. are you usually on time for your appointments?
when you are on time for a meeting, you show that you care about the person you are meeting with. you show your respect for the other person's time. when you are late for an appointment, you are saying by your actions that your time is more valuable than the other person's.
being punctual tells something else about your character. it says, "i'm a person of my word." when you promise to be somewhere at a certain time, your effort to be there is a sign that you keep your promises.
on the other hand, if you are conducting a meeting, remember to start it on time, regardless of who is present. this is a sign of respect for those that have arrived on time.