quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

gente agradeçam ao abel por todos os texts do book 7 , foi recebido por email

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book 7 lesson 30

F- good morning, mr flimmer.
M- hello, dr blipster.
F- how are you feeling today ?
M- better than the last time.
F- what would you like to talk about today?
M- something happened last week... it brought up an issue we haven't talked about yet, my fear of ...

book 7 lesson 29


There is an old story about how God and his angels discussed where the secret of life should be hidden. They wanted to hide it in a place where it would be very difficult to find.

One suggested the center of the earth, another suggested the bottom of the sea, and a third suggested the top of the highest mountain. Then a fourth angel said: “men will eventually search out all these places. The only play to hide the secret of life is within people themselves. They will never dream of looking there”.

Decide to be happy today and to live with what is yours: your family, your business, your job and your luck. If you can’t have what you like, maybe you can’t have what you have. Just for today, be kind, cheerful, agreeable, responsive, caring, and understanding.

Be your best and dress your best. Talk softly. Look on the bright side of things. Praise people for what they do, and don’t criticize them for what they don’t do. If someone does something stupid forgive and forget. After all just for a day.

Dive deeply inside yourself. You’ll probably find the secret of a happy life in there.

book 7 lesson 27


The world cannot be divided into the weak and the strong, or those who success and those who fail, or those who make it and those who do not. It can be divided into learners and non-learners. There are those who are open to what happens around them, who learn from their experiences, when they do something stupid they don’t do it again.

When they do something that works, they try to do it better the next time. Therefore, the question to ask is not whether you are a success or failure, but whether you are learner or a non-learner.

Young people starting out in business and industry are often surprised to learn that they will be judge for their leadership skills more than for their technical skills. Studies show that success is about 80% leadership skills, and only 20% technical skills. Obviously, people must be knowledge able in their fields, but the greatest success and financial reward will go those who have a greater ability to express ideas, to assume leadership to arouse enthusiasm and cooperation, in short, the ability to bring out the best in others.

An important feature of leaders is enthusiasm, one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do something, do it with all your might. Put your soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be faithful, and you will accomplish your objective.

The probability of becoming a good leader is huge.

book 7 lesson 26

M- oh, what a pleasure to read a shaspearean tragedy.
F- you mean you enjoy tragedy?
M- oh, yes! shakespeare was so uniquely creative in his own way. don't you agree?
F- oh, no. i prefer books about adventure.
M- what kind of adventure?
F- the kind where you find yourself in the deep jungles of africa, for example. where all the characters have to deal with dangerous situations.