sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

book 7 lesson 25


Opportunities are often not noticed the first time around, especially became they are disguised as hard work.

Superficial opportunities come easily. The much tougher challenges will usually bring a lot more opportunity.

The willingness to do what is difficulty is like having a key to success.

Hard work is universal. Regardless of what industry you’re in, hard work can be used to achieve positive long-term results.

Being healthy, finding and maintaining a successful relationship, raising kids, getting organized, increasing income, being happy, setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and staying on track are all hard work.

All of these tasks demand attention, time, discipline, commitment and many other qualities found in achievers. The only way to get certain things is with a lot of hard work.

Dealing with challenger enhances character. You should not limit yourself to experiences that can be obtained passively or easily. Much more of what you can be gotten by being willing to take on bigger challenger.

If people always limited themselves to choosing the easiest alternatives, no one would ever learn to read, write, or type. No one would ever get a college degree, start their own business, learn to speak another language or play in instrument, etc.

Hard work is something to look forward to because it will probably lead to growth. Hard work help us to develop the maturity and responsibility to understand that the things we wish for will not just automatically flow into our lives.

Hard work makes the difference. It’s what separates children from mature adults. As you spend more time outside your comfort zone, you will find that character development is a pleasurable experience.

Strong purpose depends on hard work.

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  1. Por favor alguém tem o texto da lesson 27 do book 7. Preciso urgente

  2. No primeiro parágrafo no lugar de became o correto é because.

  3. No parágrafo 7, "Much more of what you WANT can ..."

  4. No início do parágrafo 7 é "CHALLENGES", e não CHALLENGER.