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Book 6 - Improve Your Pronunciation 22

Come here please
I work for this company
He is a good companion
He never complains
I like competition
I like to come here
My computer is great
Wizard is complete
My comunication is better
My conversation is better

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obrigada denize pelos books 1, 2 and 3 !

esperando pelo book 8 =]

Book 3 Review 05


1- I was waiting for him to come for us to start.

2- We thought you were sleeping when we left yesterday.

3- The boss asked me to buy two suitcases for him because he wants to travel by ship.

4- These pens are theirs. Those are hers. Where are ours?

5- The file must be put in the file cabinet but first we need to read it.

Book 3 Lesson 30


1- Would you live on the one-hundredth floor?

2- Who do you think will be our next president?

3- I don’t know if it’s the truth of it’s a lie.

4- I’m afraid my son can’t go with you.

5- Could you do us a favor?

6- Jane can’t save money.

Book 3 Lesson 29


1- Would you like to drink a mug of milk or a glass of juice?

2- What’s the matter with your clutch and the steering wheel?

3- I left my spare tire at home.

4- My gas tank is empty.

5- Do you have a resumé?

6- Are your car brakes ok?

Book 3 Lesson 28


1- The kids were in the attic and now they are on the roof.

2- Do you understand the ordinal numbers in English?

3- You must watch out for the numbers five, twelve and one hundred.

4- John never saves money.

5- Is their office on the fifth or sixth floor?

6- They want to know if he lives on the fourth foor.

Book 3 Lesson 27


1- My fiancée is working overtime this weekend.

2- Would you like to make a loan for the trip?

3- She bought a beautiful teapot for her mother.

4- I have a date tonight.

5- My brother loves his yacht.

6- I want to stop dating but my date wants to get engaged.

Book 3 Lesson 26


1- I’ll finish doing my homework soon.

2- Does she live in the basement or on the ground floor?

3- Who left the windows open?

4- I will take my kids to the amusement park tomorrow.

5- My grandparent’s old clothes are in the attic.

6- Where will you start working when you finish your English course?

Book 3 Lesson 25


1- What color is the ceiling in your living room?

2- My sister will buy my mother an apron in that store.

3- My office is on the ground floor.

4- Where’s the teapot?

5- In the morning I can see the sun from my window.

6- She put the new cups and saucers on the shelf.

Book 3 Review 04


1- Could you give me the salt shaker and the pepper shaker, please?

2- These pens are theirs. Those are hers. Where are ours?

3- John invited his girlfriend to go to the theater.

4- They stopped on the road to save the little dog.

5- I think we should go now. It’s too late.

6- The file must be put in the file cabinet, but first we need to read it.

7- Do you think I should buy this dress for her?

8- Could you put this coat on the hanger, please?

9- In my opinion, they should buy a new computer for the office.

10- Could you please help me with a letter to the newspaper?

Book 3 Lesson 24


1- Do you employees should work overtime?

2- I can’t talk to them now.

3- What should I say to them?

4- Nobody was fired this month.

5- Could I have your car keys, please?

6- There are five drawers in those dresers.

Book 3 Lesson 23


1- I think we should take a coffee break now.

2- Do you have a stapler that I can use?

3- Who put this doormat in front of our office?

4- We must study more.

5- Did you have fun on your trip to Miami?

6- You must think first.

Book 3 Lesson 22


1- I can’t go with you now.

2- Could you cook when you were twelve?

3- I don’t know where I left my sunglasses.

4- Can you eat spicy food?

5- My dog likes to sleep on the rug.

6- Where is there a phone booth?

Book 3 Lesson 21


1- There a lot of new students in my class.

2- Do you sleep in the armchair watching TV?

3- Are these books mine?

4- I don’t know where I can buy a new light bulb for my lamp.

5- She forgot to buy the tickets for the theater.

6- Can you sing?

Book 3 Lesson 20


1- What kind of books are those?

2- Is there a salt shaker in the kitchen?

3- Are vegetables good for you?

4- Do you think that English is easier or more difficult than French?

5- Did you see my new backpack?

6- I love to eat pizza.

Book 3 Lesson 19


1- My kids don’t like to eat leftovers for dinner.

2- I live one and a half hours from here.

3- Is there a theater near your house?

4- I left my sunglasses in your car. Did you see them?

5- I always wash my rug in the sink because I think it’s easier.

6- Are there any vegetables in the refrigerator?

Book 3 Review 03


1- I was leaving the house when he called me.

2- The employees stood up when the boss arrived.

3- Did you take Peter to the hospital? I need to ask his mother how he is.

4- The boss asked me to buy two suitcases for him, because he wants to travel by ship.

5- We asked them if they wanted to go to the movies with us.

6- I asked her to take the children to school.

7- How many times a month do you wash your car?

8- How much money do you need for the trip? I think two thousand is enough.

9- There were many children playing in the amusement park.

10- Unfortunately I didn’t see him before he traveled.

Book 3 Lesson 18


1- Watch out. The kids are playing in the street.

2- Are there a lot of cars in front of the school?

3- Is your car locked?

4- Why did you speak with the nurse about your grandmother?

5- Did you buy a razor at the drugstore while you were there?

6- Take is easy? English is easy at Wizard.

Book 3 Lesson 17


1- Jane wants to buy a new dishwasher.

2- Were there any letters for us?

3- He wants you to take his kids to the amusement park.

4- Does your mother know how to make jam?

5- Who sent your father that letter?

6- What is there in your medicine cabinet?

Book 3 Lesson 16


1- Did you ask your mother if she wanted to come here his this week?

2- Did you say anything t the waiter about the food?

3- My mother-in-law is wonderful.

4- I read the ad that you put in the paper.

5- I didn’t know that you were selling your car.

6- Do you think they know it’s raining here?

Book 3 Lesson 15


1- Fortunately, the butcher answered the phone.

2- Where are my keys? I need to lock the door.

3- Excuse me, what did you ask me?

4- There was a meeting for all the employees yesterday.

5- Jane answers all the letters that she receives from her boyfriend.

6- He took many pictures on his business trip to Miami.

Book 3 Lesson 14


1- He didn’t know what to do with his car after the accident.

2- She saw my brother with his girlfriend.

3- I don’t remember her name.

4- He was playing soccer when I called him last night.

5- I remember seeing them in the square.

6- Did you make new friends on your trip?

Book 3 Lesson 13


1- My daughter wants to take off her purple dress.

2- He walks from his house to college every Friday.

3- I called you because I needed your help.

4- I have the solution to your problem.

5- My neighbor makes shoes and belts.

6- My nephew called me two months ago.

Book 3 Review 02


1- We thought you were sleeping when we left yesterday.

2- My brother brought my notebooks from the office. I didn’t know they were there.

3- The maid forgot to open the windows this morning. It’s too hot in here.

4- I like to read any kind of magazine when I travel.

5- How did forget your birthday? It was a week ago.

6- They didn’t come here by motorcycle because it was raining a lot.

7- Do you have anything to do tonight? Do you want to go to out with us?

8- My husband brings a lot of toys for our son when he travels.

9- He left for Salt Lake City on Saturday. His girlfriend lives there.

10- I didn’t study last night. I left my notebook at school.

Book 3 Lesson 12


1- I think you left your purse at the cafeteria.

2- They forgot to bring our documents.

3- I don’t remember if her birthday is in May or June.

4- Did you drive all the way to California?

5- Jane is stubborn; that’s why she has only a few friends.

6- Were they at the party yesterday?

Book 3 Lesson 11


1- The teacher is a forgetful person.

2- I’m not hungry. Are you thirsty?

3- It was raining when my friends arrived.

4- In my opinion, he didn’t say anything interesting.

5- I forgot to take the clothes to the laundry.

6- Is your mother traveling now?

Book 3 Lesson 10


1- I waited for you all day long. Where were you?

2- My father brought a cake for mother.

3- Were you on the internet yesterday?

4- He gave her a kiss, but she wanted the keys.

5- She put the gift on his desk.

6- I’m afraid it’s raining outside.

Book 3 Lesson 09


1- I left my coat in your room.

2- She bought the soap, but she didn’t buy the napkins.

3- Was the restaurant full?

4- I paid the electricity bill and now I don’t have any money to buy some ice cream.

5- Is he a smart teenager?

6- Adolescents are full of life.

Book 3 Lesson 08


1- She already finished her homework.

2- She left another message for him yesterday.

3- She came by bus because she doesn’t have a car.

4- She said that she didn’t know how to go home from there.

5- They opened the window because it was very hot in the room.

6- Leave me alone. Please go away.

Book 3 Lesson 07


1- How many lives does a cat have?

2- I’m thinking about traveling to Germany.

3- Mary travels to Florida and New York every year.

4- What do you think about your girlfriend?

5- I’m hungry, but I’m not thirsty.

6- Everybody was sleeping when my brother came to visit me last night.

Book 3 Review 01


1- What were you doing downtown yesterday?

2- I was waiting for him to come for us to start.

3- They were there, but I don’t know where.

4- We weren’t hungry but we were thirsty.

5- It was raining a lot when we arrived.

6- I’m in a hurry. My mother is waiting for me at home.

7- My wife doesn’t like to sing.

8- I waited for him in form of the store, but he didn’t come.

9- I put my socks in the drawer, but I don’t know where I put my shirt.

10- My grandfather is 75 years old. I see him every other day.

Book 3 Lesson 06


1- You said that you were tired.

2- I started reading a book about cars.

3- Who washes your clothes?

4- Did you play tennis or volleyball with them?

5- It’s already eight o’clock and I need to go home.

6- I didn’t read the letter yesterday.

Book 3 Lesson 05


1- How many children does Mrs. Johnson have?

2- Where did you learn to cook?

3- Congratulations on your new job!

4- Are you as happy as Ms. Williams?

5- Who was Miss Bell visiting yesterday?

6- I want to help them while they are still in college.

Book 3 Lesson 04


1- He didn’t know that she sang so well.

2- I want to finish reading this book before my trip to the States.

3- He started reading many years ago.

4- My aunt is the living room.

5- I don’t know why they didn’t wait for us.

6- I don’t want to stay here by myself.

Book 3 Lesson 03


1- How much money does he have for the trip?

2- She is waiting for the taxi but I’m not ready to go yet.

3- Where did you put the bill?

4- Are you waiting for him?

5- The boy didn’t pay for the apple that he ate.

6- Does she sing in church?

Book 3 Lesson 02


1- Mary went home at noon and then she came here to talk to me.

2- Somebody opened my windows during the night.

3- Peter sold his house because he wanted to buy an apartment.

4- I didn’t understand the letter that your brother wrote to me.

5- I stayed there until two thirty.

6- I didn’t understand why my neighbor did that.

Book 3 Lesson 01


1- He said he wanted to stay in the office by himself.

2- Who is ready to go?

3- I access the internet before I go to bed.

4- Your clothes are on the bed.

5- How is the weather today?

6- I’m not very happy with my new job.

Book 2 Review 05

Listening (Write a question for)

1- They never make noise after 10:00 P.M.

2- She prefers barbecue to turkey.

3- He makes about 10 speeches a year.

4- He did a very nice job.

5- She is a very good cook.

Book 2 Lesson 30

Listening (Change the sentences to interrogative)

1- I always take a shower before dinner.

2- He makes a lot of money at his job.

3- He makes his car in the garage.

4- She took a pill before the meal.

5- They learned how to cook very well.

Book 2 Lesson 29

Listening (Answer these questions)

1- What time do you like to take a shower?

2- Where did you go yesterday?

3- How many lessons do you study a week?

4- What languages do you speak?

5- Do you have any animals at home?

Book 2 Lesson 28

Listening (Change the sentences to negative)

1- We like to have barbecue on Sundays.

2- He has to make a speech at school about children.

3- They came to visit us in September.

4- He made many mistakes during the course.

5- He eats anything she cooks.

Book 2 Lesson 27

Listening (Answer these questions)

1- What do you like to do early in the morning?

2- What are your plans for this weekend?

3- Do you like to make or to buy cakes?

4- Who does the dishes in your house?

5- What is your favorite dish?