quinta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2010

book 4 lesson 23

body and mind

after you reach a certain age, do you stop eating? if you are forty years old, do you still have to eat? of course you do. you have to eat every day of your life to be healthy. your body needs nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

the same way your body can't go without food, your mind also needs to receive knowledge to be healthy. you're never too ald to learn. the best way to receive knowledge is by reading.

you can know what's happening in your world if you stop and read the newapaper for a few minutes each day. you don't have to read every word or every line in the newspaper to know what's in it. select topics that are more interesting to you.

if you know how to read but don't read, you have no advantage over an individual who doesn't know how to read.

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